Anyone can Create a Digital 3D Model.

Create and share digital 3D models in real-time, using only your phone.

No experience required. Get started today.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our 3D digital model is worth so much more.

Capture, save and share the reality of your surroundings with the team at your office or your family at home. With Modelar, you can digitally capture and communicate the real world easily and cost effectively.

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Step 1: Download

Download the Modelar app onto your iPhone Pro or iPad Pro.

Step 2: Scan

Scan the space around you, indoors or outdoors. Modelar will build a high-resolution textured 3D mesh after your scan is complete.

Step 3: Analyze

Inspect the scan in point cloud or mesh mode, make measurements and modify your scan’s description.

Step 4: Share

Send your scan to anyone you choose, or upload it to Modelar Cloud. Scans can be shared with just a link.

Now, it’s your turn. Try out the app for free.


Scan your space to create textured models and point clouds
Locate your scans on a map
Measure distances in 3D
Tag your scan with spatial annotations
Export models and point clouds in multiple formats
Simplify your reality capture workflow
Seamlessly share and manage your scans in the cloud